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Demanding Better Treatment from the Trans Healthcare Industry, specifically surrounding SRS/GRS and the Promising Techniques Available

It has been decades for the medical industry to just meet the “Trans” Community halfway. Anytime you see the word “Trans” or “Transgender” within quotation marks, it is my way of acknowledging that the terminology used to describe “trans” individuals are used for lack of a better word. If the brain is female, yet genitalia and secondary sexual characteristics are incongruent to the brain, then by definition, this disorder is an intersex disorder, and at the very least, falls under the same umbrella. The brain, and genitalia are both physiological properties, mind you. Being “transgender” is not a mental disorder, or condition but rather a physical disorder that can have detrimental consequences to mental health if not properly treated. Feelings of “dysphoria” are direct result of being born with genitalia and secondary sexual characteristics incongruent to the individual who identifies as another gender whose brain is either male or female.

In the medical industry, there is an undercurrent of physicians who treat this disorder as if it is a mental condition that can be treated if you just give the “trans” individual a lollipop, so to speak. Lollipop is symbolic for the disregard, and lack of attention on “trans” health. “Cis” women born with vaginal agenesis are provided with much more attention and care in regards to having their physical condition treated as a physical condition, and providing optimal techniques to construct a vagina that is not present.

I have subscribed to many medical publications on many procedures done for both “cis” and “trans” women who have had their vaginas created through surgical means and have theoretically concluded which techniques are the most effective and meets or exceeds the expectations of both “cis” and “trans” patients. Regardless of whether or not you agree, these are simple techniques that have a 99.9% success rate, and should at least be offered to patients who are undergoing SRS/GCS.

This site is to serve as a movement for “The Girls” seeking to achieve what was previously considered impossible, and that is a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing, bio-identical vagina after undergoing SRS/GRS. Medical Publications are provided so that you can decide objectively as to whether or not this technique is for you.



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email: admin@thesrsproject.com



What I do

I am an activist for my community, and I have plans on meeting with state and local representatives once I have a petition in support of my mission that would push the Trans Healthcare Industry to adhere to higher standards of care for the “trans” community and prohibit any surgeon from performing SRS/GRC if they do not meet or exceed expectations of patients.


my Story

As a woman of “trans” experience myself, I have been a victim of abuse from all corners, and am very familiar with how the medical industry cares for the “trans” community. I have went through the burdensome process of dealing with the confusing, disorganized, cold, and unprofessional team of doctors under Dr. Schecter’s. I have been dumbfounded by the lack of education that many of these surgeons have displayed and have even been asked “what is epithelialization?” before by another surgeon. I have been traumatized with the most gruesome images of SRS/GRS results and have turned down many surgeons from getting the operation performed because my lack of faith in them. After consulting with other surgeons I was finally fortunate enough to schedule a consult with a surgeon who is willing to explore the “Autologous Fibroblast-Seeded Amnion Transplant Technique”. I want other individuals to be as fortunate as myself and turn away from these Generic Surgeons.

My Mission

Once we have received 10,000 signatures on the petition to crack the whip on Trans Healthcare, but more specifically on surgeons who perform SRS/GRS, I will schedule an appointment with state/local representatives, and attorneys so that we can proceed with the next steps in the legislation process. Baby Steps, Baby steps! But before we get those 10,000 signatures, at the very least I aim to educate my “trans” siblings, and encourage them to have their surgeons take a look at this technique. I also want to encourage anyone seeking to get SRS/GRS to have the courage to say “no” when they know in their heart that Penile Inversion will not deliver good quality results. I encourage anyone in the medical industry, not just surgeons, to investigate this technique and bring this to the attention of colleagues and patients. My mission is to give hope to all patients who are seeking more, and know they deserve better than the Penile Inversion Technique.




Let's Chat

I would love read any feedback or concerns you may have, granted all messages are respectful. If you are a Physician interested in advertising your SRS/GCS procedures that you offer feel free to contact me. I do not request any payment in exchange for promotion. I only ask that the technique you advertise be the “Autologous Fibroblast-seeded Amnion Transplant Technique.”

If any readers have positive or constructive feedback, it is very welcome and I aim to serve you and only share accurate information.

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